Top 5 best Mangastream Alternatives 2020

Mangastream alternative


With movies and TV series, Japanese comics has become the new craze in the world. There are hundreds of sites available online offering the best quality manga scanlation for free. Scanlation is a type of translation, scanning, or editing of comics by the fans for the fans. These sites are known for the best graphics, subtitles, and the best quality of the content. With a distinct storyline, in-depth tracks, and characters, Japanese comics are largely known as manga has proven its worth for the best leisure activity. The Manga has a wide range of genres including trade and business, detective, action, the drama of history, horror, suspense, humor,romance, science fiction, and fantasy.

The Japanese comics aka Manga are getting worldwide recognition thanks to the scanlation sites offering translated form. Owing to its massive popularity, there are thousands of sites allowing readers from all over the world to stream Manga. Every platform has its own distinction of choosing and presenting the Manga for general enthusiasts.

The best platform for the Manga is the mangastream which has a very selective process of choosing comics that they translate and feature on their platform. But this site has been shut down and its official twitter account removed. Here are the working sites that will make your day


For the Manga fans, a large number of options seem very low as they have the potential to consume the maximum. With more than 100,000 manga series, Kissmanga brings you the best manga with maintaining the best quality. It allows you to consume manga with high graphics and it gets updated daily of all the genres. Moreover, you can change the reading direction from left to right or left to right. You can also leave a comment and send messages to give your feedback.


A town is a place larger than a village with all the necessities of life. It has everything required for basic living. The same is the case with the MangaTown which is a town for the manga lovers. This massive site allows you to read manga without any payment or registration. In fact, fans termed it as an incredible site for manga reading online. You can find your favorite manga from its manga list, new version, genre, and random Manga.


From action to comedy to romance to thrill to drama, you will find different genres of manga on this popular website. MangaFox is one of the best and working sites like Mangastream, and it has a large library. The content on this giant is regularly updated and translated into different languages. The good part of this site is that it requires no registration. It allows you to consume thousands of manga for free. The mangas, new version, genre, and random Manga can be read from this site.


Yes, they are born! Mangareborn is one of the best manga delivers of the globe. This incredible site aims to disseminate unknown mangas across the globe. This site, no doubt, has the biggest manga library and qualifies all the traits of mangastream alternatives. You will get the latest manga with an option to discuss the need for mangas or publishing dates.


Are you a Manga reader? Mangareader feeds your daily needs of manga reading with its extensive collection. What makes the best of all is the excellent content in an easy layout available very early after release. You can read every manga here, for free and no registration is required.

Wrap Up

The Japanese comics aka Manga are the new craze of the world. There are hundreds of websites online offering free manga reading but Mangastream is the best. This site has been shutdown and manga enthusiasts are looking for alternatives. The best available options for manga reading are kissmanga, MangaTown, MangaFox, Mangareborn, and Mangareader.

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