Supernatural Season 15 Is Here with Final Seven Episodes

Supernatural Season 15

October has delivered the long-awaited episodes of the fifteenth and the final season of Supernatural where the final fight against God will bring in allies new as well as old. Andrew Debb, the co-showrunner has suggested that there will be a great show as new and old allies come forward. He revealed who will be rejoining the Winchesters in the final fight with God. No doubt, October 8 was a great day for Supernatural fans who have been waiting for the final seven episodes since March. As the show is moving towards wrap up, there is much to be expected and a lot to take place.

The last season of the 15 years young show comes to The CW on Oct. 8 and it looks like the final seven episodes are meeting the expectations. The fifteenth and the final season is featuring the Winchesters facing off against God himself (played by Rob Benedict).

What Supernatural season 15 has for show enthusiasts?

Doubtlessly, the final season of the 15-year-old show is going to feature a fight between the forces of good and evil. This was revealed by co-showrunner Andrew Dabb. According to an interview of Dabb to a popular magazine, the final fight on the final season will give us God and allies taking on evil forces and joining allied forces with the Winchester brothers one last time. He clearly stated that there was no reason “to avoid this fight.”

Adding crisp to the final recipe, Dabb said that “Chuck’s gonna come back.” And added that they know what is loves to do and why he is coming back. Obviously, he is back for the final fight. This adds heat to the thrill and we can’t wait to have the full show. But the show is being aired on weekly basis. So, all we can do is wait for the finale.

Moving towards the Final Fight

The final fight has a key significance not only for the plot and mythology of the show but to the demands of fans as well. weeks before the airing of the final seven episodes, Andrew Dabb assured fans and show lovers that the change will not affect the plot, characters, or the mythology of the show. The same assurance can be seen with the show aired on 8th October on the CW.

The final run of the Supernatural season 15 is all about using ‘every tool’ and ‘every arrow in their quiver’. It is important to make the fight immortal. It is also the demand of the mythology of the show as well where the protagonists are fighting this existential, literally God-like threat.

Interestingly, the series has faced a delay due to the ongoing Coronovirus pandemic. Despite a halt in the production, the series has carried the legacy of delivering the content in line with the show’s mythology. Moreover, this halt hadn’t hindered the original core parts that had been planned for the series finale. As per the primary plan, Dean (Jensen Ackles) and Sam (Jared Padalecki) will be rejoined by Charlie Bradbury (Felicia Day) and Donna Hanscom (Briana Buckmaster).

Along with Sam and Dean, Adam Milligan/Michael, the boys’ half-brother who returned for the mid-season finale will be back. To make the final run interestingly thrilling, Uriel, an angel who was killed in Season 4, and Amara, God’s sister, last seen in Season 15, Episode 2, will join the cast for the final run.

It’s up to the Kansas Boys

Dabb has highlighted that even with all these it’s completely up to the Kansas boys. Though everyone will play his/her part to win the fight against the emerging threat, the success depends upon Sam and Dean’s leadership.

Another reason for this is that with so many reunions some are missing. The Covid-19 has made Jeffrey Dean Morgan who portrayed John Winchester, Sam, and Dean’s father, miss the final run. He was unable to take part in the final season owing to the restriction imposed by the pandemic.

All the fans and enthusiasts of the show know that the first encounter of the boys with God took place in season 4. At that time, he was nothing but Chuck a frazzled, used to prophesizing the Winchester’s entire lives since the death of their mother.

The 14th episode of the final run has revealed that God aka Chuck is had been creating other galaxies which are termed as ‘Toys’. He envisioned real Sam and Dean kill each other. It was his goal, in fact, his ultimate goal behind all this.

Jared Padalecki, Jensen Ackles, Misha Collins, and Alexander Calvert will come to the CW with the third episode of the final run, every Thursday.

Wrap Up

Supernatural has maintained the legacy of quality content for the last 15 years. The show is moving towards the fifteenth and the final run on The CW. Andrew Dabb has already said that the final run will conclude the story with a deserving finale. The show is being aired on the CW on Thursdays.

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